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Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. Our specialized teachers are the best and most worthy graduates from Al-Azhar University, one of the most prestigious Islamic universities in the world. Moreover, they have Ijazaahs to impart Quranic education online. We have both male and female teachers. They will guide you through every step.

The great teachers of Ustadhy

Even with the degree and Ijazaahs, our teachers undergo rigorous training and regular evaluations to ensure that their knowledge and skills are up to date. They teach with full dedication and we constantly monitor and review our instructors to ensure persistently supreme teaching across all boards. All lessons are completely private and one-to-one.


Shaykh Mahmoud is an Egyptian Quran Kareem teacher who graduated from Al-Azhar University from the Faculty of Islamic Sharia and law.  Shaykh Mahmoud is Hafiz of the Holy Quran and holds an Ijaza in Hafs narration. He has good experience for more than five years in teaching the Holy Quran, Tajweed rules, and Islamic Studies.


He studied at Al-Azhar, he graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Translation at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. he studied the Qur’an and was blessed to finish it as a Hafez he studied jurisprudence, monotheism, interpretation of the Qur'an, hadiths, and a lot about our religion during my university years.


I studied the Qur’an and Tajweed and was blessed with a license in the Qur’an in reciting Hafs and Shu’bah. I studied jurisprudence, interpretation of the Qur'an, hadiths, and more about our religion throughout my university years. I have taught the Holy Quran, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. I have been an online teacher since 2020. It's one of the best things that ever happened to me because it's a message more than anything else!


‏I have graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Simultaneous Interpretation Al-Azhar university I studied Quran and I was blessed to finish it as a Hafizah, ‏I have studied two languages Arabic and English as well as Tajweed of Qur’an and Interpretation of Qur’an throughout my college years ‏I have been working as an online tutor since 2020 till now, ‏And it is considered that learning Arabic, one of the main reasons for reciting Qur’an well, keep it too and know everything relating to our religion and this.


My name is Neama Omar, I graduated from Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Languages. I am a native speaker of Arabic and memorized the whole Qur’an with a profound understanding of the Tajweed rules and Qur’an recitation. I have taught the holy Quran to Arabic speakers for 3 years and have been teaching the Quran and tajweed to non-Arabic Muslims for 2 years.


My name is Zeina Hesham I’m 21 years old studying at the faculty of foreign language and translation misr university for since and technology English department ( senior ) I used to work at the pharmacy for 3 months then moved Teleperformance as technical support for 5 months then I started to teaching online classes in Quran and Arabic language for foreign students


My name is Mohamed am a native Arabic speaker from middle Egypt. I graduated from Azhar University. I can communicate with Foreign students easily in Arabic, and English. languages. I am planning to get a Master's degree in Islamic history. I hold an Ijaza and Sanad in the narration of Hafs from Asem since 2020. I have been working as a Quran teacher since that time.


My name is Ahmed, I have studied Sociology, and I am a Quran, Tajweed, Islamic and Arabic tutor, the most important thing is feeling comfortable in the class. While learning, it's not important how much it takes you to reach your goal, what matters is to walk steady steps towards it. And always remember, the more you learn, the more you raise

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