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Human rights in Islam

Our great religion gave the world the ideal example of human rights fourteen centuries ago which aims to spread respect, dignity and justice between us.

What is your information about human rights in Islam?

Human rights, in general, are deep_rooted in human nature and without them, people can’t live noble lives… And Islam came to ensure our rights. And now let us through our articles in(Ustadhi) recognise these rights in the light of Islam that including :

  1. Right to life :

There are two important points:

  • The life of humans is horrible so we must make our efforts to protect it and no one shall be exposed to injury or death except under the power of law.
  • After death, Islam protects the sanctity of our body, it should be inviolate. Every Muslim must commit to seeing the body of the dead is handled with solemnity.
  1. Right to freedom:
  • A human is born free and no condition can prevent his freedom except under the influence of law.
  • Every person has the complete right to freedom in all its forms(cultural, political and economic)and should fight by all means in the condition of invasion of his right.

And if a person is oppressed he has legal demand for the support of others.

  • Everyone has the right to freedom of choice in his religious beliefs.
  • Every person can participate individually and collectively( political, religious and social ) in his community and he can also establish organizations and agencies which order what is right and stop what is bad and wrong.
  1. Right to protection of honour:

Everyone has the right to protect his honour and name against any defamations or any charges.

  1. Right to freedom of beliefs and speech:
  • Everyone has the right to express his thoughts and beliefs within the specific limits in law, also no one spreads lies or distributes reports which may cause anger in public decency or cast bad speech on others.
  • Follow up the knowledge and search for the truth.
  • No one ridicules the religious beliefs of other people and respects their feelings.
  1. Right to equality:
  • People are equal before the law and must have equal opportunities and protection of the law.
  • Everyone has an equal wage for equal work.
  • No one shall be exposed to any physical work risk for reasons of colour, language, origin and religious thoughts.
  1. Right to justice:
  • Everyone must be treated in accordance with the law.
  • Every Muslim has the right to defend the rights of others.
  • Every person has the complete right to refuse to obey any order which is the opposite of law.
  1. Right to a fair trial:
  • No one shall be adjudged guilty of a crime and be punished except in the presence of proof of his guilt.
  • No one must be judged guilty except after the presence of a fair trial and after giving him the chance for the defence of himself.
  • Everyone is responsible for his actions, responsibility for crimes must not extend to anyone from his family or group.
  1. Right of married women :

Our great religion appreciates women and gave them their complete rights including:

  • woman shall be live in a house with her husband
  • women have the right to demand(divorce)or dissolve the marriage before the law.
  • They inherit from their parents, husband or children according to the law.
  1. Right to education:
  • Everyone can educate under his natural capabilities.
  • Everyone can choose his career and profession freely.
  1. Right to privacy:

Islam respects our privacy so he saw the protection of privacy it is our right.

  1. Right to freedom of movement or residence:
  • In Islam’s view, every Muslim can travel to any Muslim country.
  • No one can be forced to leave his country of residence.
  1. Right to marriage and forming a family:
  • Everyone has the right to marry, bring up children and form a family which suits his religion and culture.
  • The husband and his wife must respect each other.
  • It is forbidden that children work at an early age as it harms the development of their nature, their parents are responsible for them.
  • If parents can’t continue their obligations towards their children, the country becomes responsible for them and achieves these obligations(public expanse).
  • Every person has the right to be protected by his family in childhood or old age and also parents, they have the right to feel care, protection and love from their children.
  • In the family, man and woman must share their responsibility and obligations according to their ability.
  1. Right to social security:
  • Everyone has the right to food, shelter, education, clothing and medical care, the community should fulfil these obligations to all individuals especially those who can’t take care of themselves due to their disability.
  1. Right to asylum :
  • Every oppressed person has the right to demand asylum, this right is given to persons who feel

irrespective of colour, sex and religion.

  • Almasjid al-haram( the sacred house of Allah) in Mecca is considered the safe shelter for all Muslims.

Summary :

  • Islam put principles that give dignity to all humans, there is no law like the great Islam law which made human rights as well as religious obligations. Our great religion doesn’t distinguish between the community individuals, Islam always appreciates humanity.

Dear reader, we wish to present all information that you need about Islam in (Ustadhi).

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