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Omar’s Adoption of Islam

Islam’s success was fundamentally based on Allah’s Will, Power, Support and Guidance, the unrivalled great and strenuous efforts, rhetoric, eloquence, honesty, truthfulness and the firmest belief of Allah’s Seal Prophet and Apostle Muhammad (peace be upon him ) and the great efforts of the companions of Allah’s Prophet and Apostle Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who fought with him defending the seal religion of Islam and the Seal Prophet and Apostle of Allah (Glory be to Him). 

It was in those early days of Islam that Prophet Muhammad (Peace upon him ) prayed to Allah ( Glory be to Him ) to open the eyes and hearts of certain men to the guiding glittering light of Islam.  Among those whom Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) hoped to be guided to the right paradise-orienting path of Islam was Omar Ibnul – Khattab.  It was in those early days of Islam that Omar Ibnul – Khattab – like many Arabs in Arabia worshipped idols – far away from monotheism, the Light of Allah, the right path and the right belief in Allah the One, the Seal Scripture the Holy Quran and the belief in the Seal Prophet and Apostle Muhammad (Peace be upon him ).  Besides, he was one of the bitter enemies of Muslims who hosted enmity, hatred and spleen for them so plentifully in his heart that no Muslim could imagine that such a person would later on in a few years – become the Second Caliph, the founder of the greatest state in history, the builder of the greatest civilization ever known by humanity and the possessor of the greatest Islamic values, virtues, concepts, criteria, pure Islam, deep faith and peerless piousness and righteousness.

It was in the opinion of the unbelievers that Allah’s Seal Prophet and Apostle Muhammad (peace be upon him) had caused severe harm to the tribe of Quraysh by his call to equality and justice by abusing their so-called gods.  Hence, Omar Ibnul – Khattab was influenced by that wrong impression and those false ideas and was consequently filled with both hatred and anger against Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).  Therefore, he took his sword and went to seek Allah’s Prophet and Apostle to kill him.  However, Prophet Muhammad ( Peace be upon him ) was immunized by Allah ( Glory be to Him ) against His enemies and all enemies of the seal religion of right justice and equality.

It was on his way, that Omar Ibnul – Khattab met a man who blamed him for his evil intention and told him that he had better turn his anger towards his sister Fatima and her husband Said Ibn – Zayd who had both adopted the new great religion of Islam.  Hardly had he received that sad surprise when he was outraged and hurried to his sister’s house where she, her husband and a guest was reciting the Holy Quran.  Omar Ibnul – Khattab knocked at the door so furiously that the guest hid for fear of Omar’s rage. 

Immediately on hearing the knock, Fatima opened the door for her brother who furiously dashed into the house, sprang upon his brother-in-law and knocked him down.  Fatima tried to stop her brother but his blows struck at her face so heavily that her cheeks bled.  It was with firm belief, Courage, self – confidence and self – assertiveness that Fatima fearlessly admitted that she and her husband had embraced the religion of Islam.  It was through those determining words that Omar was face to face with the religion of Islam and face to face with a great Muslim who possessed firm belief and unshaken self-confidence.

Facing the deep faith, courage and self – assertiveness of his sister, Omar suddenly recovered his temper, his fury calmed down and turned from a raging lion into a meek lamb.  He asked his sister to hand him the sheet which she had been reading.  However, she refused, saying that she would not give it to him unless he washed and purified himself.  He submitted her request then she handed him the sheet.  Scarcely had he read the verses of the Holy Quran when the glittering rays of the light of Islam penetrated his heart, soul and body changing him from disbelief to belief, from aberrance to guidance, from darkness to illumination and from aimlessness to mindfulness.

At that remarkable moment, the guest came out of his hiding place and told Omar that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had hoped that he would have adopted Islam.  Immediately on hearing the guest’s words, he went out heading for House of Al – Arqam ” where he met Allah’s Seal Prophet and Apostle ( peace be upon him ) and declared his belief in Allah and in His Seal Messenger showing that the prayer of the Seal  Prophet and Apostle to Allah ( Glory be to Him ) to support Islam with either Omar Ibnul – Khattab or Amr Ibn- Hisham was accepted by Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Who willed Omar Ibnul – Khattab to be guided to His light, the light of Islam, the light of guidance, the light of right and the light of justice. It was through the light of Allah that Omar Ibnul – Khattab was saved from polytheism, disbelief, aberrance, falsehood, injustice, darkness, aimlessness and evil to gain monotheism, belief, guidance, truthfulness, justice, illumination, mindfulness and goodness.

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