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The Righteous of Parents

All of us born with no kind of strength to do something to ourselves, so other persons who do everything we need. Those persons are our parents who do their best to grow with good health, to live a glorious life and to become educated. From your birth till your adult, and we can say they care after us all their life. So the righteousness of parents is a duty for every person that has parents. In this article, we will know more and more about the righteousness of parents, so just keep reading. 

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Righteousness of Parents in Islam

 All of us know that Allah gives us many blessings, and one of the greatest blessings is our parents. In Islam, parents have a great position. It is very difficult, and may be impossible to repay their duties. Even if they are good-doer or evil-doer, their rights must still be given to them.  We must be kind with them, especially at their old age, we must respect them and do not let them alone.

How do we honor our parents?

Allah says in many verses in the Quran how we can honor our parents, and how we can treat them kindly even if they are believers or non-believers. Here some interpretation of verses that come in the Quran. 

  1. In Surat Luqman, Allah says: “Be dutiful and kind to your parents”, this means to treat them kindly, to tell them good words and good deeds. 
  2. In Surat Luqmaan, Allah says: ““give thanks to Me and to your parents. Unto Me is the final destination”

In Surat Al-‘Isrā’, there is one verse that shows how to treat your parents, this verse appears the great status of the parents in Islam. Allah says: ”   And your Lord has decreed that you should not worship any except Him (only) and (to show) fairest companionship to parents; in case ever one or both of them reaches old age (Literally: being great “in years”) in your presence, do not say to them, “Fie!” nor scold them; and speak to them respectful words (Literally: say to them an honorable saying). From this verse, we can notice the name of Allah is followed by fairest companionship to parents. From this, we cannot imagine the status of the rights of our parents and what its greatness position in Islam. 

We can find many evidences in the Quran and Sunnah that command us to behave kindly with our parents as it is their right.  

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