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Ahmed Deedat

As usual in (Ustadhi) web… we talk about great persons Who are effective in the Muslim circle and help non-Muslims to know the true image of Islam and its tolerant instructions.

In this article, we will speak about (Ahmed Deedat).


Short brief about Ahmed Deedat :

His full name(is Ahmed Hussien Deedat). He is an Indian Islamic preacher, author, and Muslim thinker not only this but also he was a scholar of comparative religions. As a result of his great efforts in the field of Dawah, he was termed as(knight of the call) and (defender of Islam).


Birth of Ahmed Deedat :

Ahmed Deedat was born on 1 July 1918 in (surat, India) to a Muslim family. His father (Hussien Deedat) was a poor farmer who had to move to South Africa after birth and when Deedat became nine years he joined his father in 1927 and his mother died after his traveling a few months ago.

Then he entered a school where he became an excellent and distinguished student although it was difficult for him he could learn English in a short time. Unfortunately, he had to leave school as a result of poor conditions and started to work to support and help his family.


The turning point in sheik Ahmed Deedat’s life:

During his work as a salesman in furniture 1936, he met a group of Christian missionaries who made a lot of effort to convert Muslims to Christianity.

 They angered him as they said the prophet, Mohamed, used the sword to make people enter the Islamic religion.

 And they announced to him by asking questions that he didn’t know its answer.

All of these conditions made him decide to read more and more about his religion to be able to answer these questions.

The first book he read is named (Izhar ul_haqq). This book talked about the history of Christian missionaries’ works and efforts in early times, the book had a heavy effect on him.

 After reading he bought the Bible and discussed it with the training missionary who could not answer his questions.


Early work in the Dawah field:

1. The first discussion for Deedat was named(Mohammed messenger of the peace). It was 1942 and the audience arrived at fifteen people at (Durban cinema).Durban

2. He also worked on a guided tour in the Jumma mosque which was a great landmark site and there he talked and gave information about Islam and the relation between Islam and Christianity.

3. After this, he decided with his friends to found(The Islamic Propagation Centre).

This center aims to print a variety of books that talk about Islam and present especially classes to new Muslims.


The most important international efforts:

During the period between (1985-1995), he started to be known outside southern Africa. And in 1986 he obtained (king Faisal award) due to his several services and great effort in the call field.

When he became 66 years, he started his speaking tours around the whole world such as :

1. Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

2. United kingdom

3. Pakistan

4. Maldives islands.

5. Sweden and Denmark.

6.Us and Canada.

7. Australia

On the other side, Ahmed Deedat had heavy criticism because groups of liberal Muslims in South Africa saw that he was intolerant towards other religions like Christianity, Hindus, and jains.


Speech and writing of Ahmed Deedat :

Ahmed Deedat was funded by the Gulf state so he published and produced booklets in a huge quantity.

Most of his debates and discussions talk about these types of themes:

1. Is the bible god’s words?

2. Christ in Islam.

3. Muhammed the greatest

4. Al Qur’an is a miracle of miracles.

5. what does the Bible say about Muhammad?

6 Muhammed the natural successor to Christ.

Depending on his celebrity in the Middle East and obtaining the king Faisal award, he got a grant to print a huge volume of four of his popular books.

His popular book(Islam and Christianity) was copied to 10.000 copies and it was for free for a lot of missionary outlets across North America. After two years another 250.000 copies were printed across the middle east.

The illness and death:

Ahmed Deedat suffered from a stroke on 3 may 1996 that created him paralyzed from the neck down as a result of a cerebral vascular accident that affected the brain stem leaving him unable to talk or swallow.

He decided to travel to King Faisal specialist hospital in Riyadh, despite these bad health conditions, he didn’t lose hope and learned to communicate with others by eye_movement by the chart whereby he could form words and sentences by knowing the letters which read to him.

Unfortunately, he spent the last nine years of his life in abed in his home and his wife (Hawa Deedat) looked after him despite his illness, he was encouraging people to engage in the call field.

As a result of his great efforts, he received a lot of letters that supported him from everywhere around the world. and he was visited by a lot of local and international visitors, who thanked him for his great services.

Ahmed Deedat died on 8 August 2005, at his home in the province of (Kuazulu_Natal), he was buried in Verulam cemetery and after one year his wife died on 28 August 2006 (85)years in her home.

Ismail Ibn Musa Mink led the funeral prayer of our great Islamic caller (Ahmed Deedat).




We lost one of the most effective people in our Islamic community but his works will be present forever.

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