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A key part of Islamic faith and one of the five pillars that all adult Muslims must perform. This Pillar is called ‘zakat’ means an annual payment made by Muslims to help poor people and those in need. You can please and satisfy Allah by donating from your wealth to help brothers and sisters all over the world. Zakat is regarded as self-purification as you spend money from your loved wealth. In this article, we will know much about zakat, who must perform it, its measure according to the ascertain percentage that Allah obligated on Muslims. 

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People who are eligible for Zakat 

We should know who is eligible to donate Zakat, and who is eligible to receive it. 

Firstly: who are eligible for pay Zakat must be:

  • Muslim.
  • Of sound mind and free.
  • Past the age of adulthood.
  • Have Positive cash or goods flow.
  • Have a personal wealth that is higher than the Nisab value.

Briefly, any adult Muslim who have money or earning more than the necessary of their fulfill everyday essential needs is expected to perform the pillar of Zakat.

And those who eligible to pay Zakat must follow the rules of the Holy Quran (Chapter at-Tawbah Tevbe, 60) as: 

               “Surely donations are only for the poor, and the indigent, and the ones collecting them, (Literally: working (doing) upon them) and the ones whose hearts are brought together, (i.e. newly converted enemies, so as to reconcile their hearts) and the ransoming of necks, (i.e. captives and slaves) and the ones penalized (for debt), and in the way of Allah, and the wayfarer; an ordinance from Allah, and Allah is Ever-Knowing, Ever-Wise.”

Those who are eligible to receive the payments of Zakat include: 

  • Fukraa: the poor who have/not low income.
  • Masakin: People who do not have a day’s food.
  • Amilin: Those who employed to distribute Zakat. 
  • Rikab: those who are in slavery or captivity.
  • Algharemen: those who are in unmanageable debt.
  • Fisabilillah: those who fight for Allah.
  • Ibnsabeel: To help the struggling travelers. 
  • Muallaf: Those who are enter Islam from a breaf of time or those who are non-Muslims, and they are friends to Muslims. 

What does Nisab Mean?

Nisab means the minimum amount that Muslim’s wealth should make to be eligible to pay Zakat. Nisab is calculated according to two values: gold and silver. The threshold of gold at the value of 87.48 grams whereas the threshold of the silver at the value of 612.36 grams. According to the current price of gold and silver, we calculated the monetary value when we worked out our Zakat contribution.   

What Does Hawl Means?

Hawl means the lunar year that is equal to 354 days in the Islamic year. 

How much Zakat do I need to pay?

We must pay from an annual savings and our personal wealth about 25%, 5% from farmer’s assets when crops are not irrigated by rain, 10% from farmer’s assets when crops are irrigated by rain, and 20% from expensive resources such as gold and silver that are found in your property within the lunar year.

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