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best way to memorize Qur’an, revise it, and understand it Read now!!

Do you want to know the best way to memorize Qur’an, revise it, and understand it? Read now!!

One of the most frequent questions from reverts and fresh Muslims to us is about the best way to memorize the holy Qur’an, revise it, and understand it. And that’s what we will talk about in our essay today, hoping you would benefit from it. How can I be blessed with Qur’an companionship? First: You will be happy to know that the Qur’an is a companion for true Muslims in life and hereafter, also, so when you make it so, it will not leave you until it helps you enter heaven “Jannah”. Second: we want you to remind yourself always that Qur’an is the best companion in a rough life, and it is an affordable plan. And Allah made us mentally capable of learning it, so you can do it, just decide to have the wonderful companionship of the Holy Qur’an

Third: How can I memorize Qur’an? 1- By having sincere intentions to learn Qur’an for God Almighty. Ask yourself honestly why do you want to memorize Qur’an? If it’s for Allah, Then you are on the right path and Allah will help you. 2- That’s why you will need then to pray to God and ask him for success. Try to pray and ask God in every prostration to make you one of the people of the Qur’an about whom Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم (said they are the people of Allah, so they are very special to Allah. 3- After that, you should organize your time according to your work or studies and make a specific time every day for Qur’an. 4- In the beginning, don’t forget to find a good sheikh to whom you will recite; to correct your recitation until you master reading the Arabic calligraphy, vocabs and learn Tajweed before you start memorizing. 5- Then, you can start memorizing Qur’an parts as you wish. 6- If you are memorizing now, do not rush to complete memorization of the whole book very quickly, cause the journey with Qur’an is an endless journey. So, the most important thing is to make sure you are perfect in the current part or Surah before moving to the next one. 7- Don’t forget to select your daily memorization according to your capabilities. Don’t exaggerate because if you do so, you may feel disappointed and you might quit memorizing, which you don’t want. So, be rational and keep going step by step as much as you can. 8- Then start to revise your daily memorization part and read it frequently in your prayers, so it becomes engraved in your memory by repetition 9- After completing many parts, it is necessary to revise the entire previous parts you memorized and stop completely memorizing new parts until you revise and make sure you remember all previous part very well. 10- When you reach memorizing half of the Holy Qur’an, you will find that you can combine memorization with revision at the same time, and that memorization has become easier because you are accustomed to it now and it becomes really easy. 11- A precious piece of advice: Do not admire your achievement as if it’s you who could do this and that, and do not be proud of how quickly you are proceeding, and know that any achievement in learning Quran is pure grace and gift of God to you, you only need to ask him to keep his gift for you and work on that. 12- After completing memorizing the whole book, Insha’Allah, it is necessary to revise daily and start with one part daily, after revising it all, in the second revision, revise two parts, then in the third revision, revise three parts and so on. Until you reach the stage of 5 parts per day, then keep on 5 parts a day. 13- Don’t forget, after completing memorizing Qur’an, it is necessary to increase your reading in the night prayer which is at the midnight. Fourth: Try to read some motivational books, or join useful Islamic educational programs. Fifthly: Try to specify the time for Tafsir books or lessons that is parallel to the current memorized part. Finally, Dear brothers and sisters, we hope you find our essay useful and apply what you learnt from it, don not postpone, Just start NOW! J Our last advice for you; never stop renewing your intentions of learning Qur’an from time to time, So Allah will help and support you more to have the wonderful Qur’an companionship in life and hereafter, Insha’Allah

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