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Child discipline in Islam is based on many principles and basics. Ustadhy website will talk about it and its importance next.

Why does the discipline important in Islam?

Discipline in Islam is very vital. Otherwise, If it’s wasn’t clear enough that will affect children’s atmosphere, habitat, and other people in society.

What are the basics of discipline in Islam?

The Quran:

A child can start repeating the Quran and reciting it orally after three years, especially the short Surahs.

Children need to be used to and surrounded by the book of Allah from childhood. When the child grows up years after years, they will learn the meaning of the Quran, in the first start to explain the simple Surah to get it easy.

Allah in paradise will gift parents of the children who recite the Quran that their child will wear them the golden headdress and will enter heaven because of this.

The benefit of reciting the Quran at a young age makes the child understand more than others, due to the Quran expanding the child’s mental awareness.

The prayer ( Al Salah ):

Praying is a duty in Islam since it’s the second pillar of Islam. So must pleasantly learn the principle of Salaah to make the children love it and know the importance of Praying for the sake of Allah and obeying the Islamic law. They must learn the reason for Allah’s command to his prophet Muhammad PBUH in the journey of Al-Ezra and Al-Meraj.

A child should learn the amount of Salaah (Rakaat) they must perform per day and how to clean themselves before praying by Wudoa. Also, What’s the Ruqua, Sujood, and what should they say in these movements, and the benefit of prayer and what makes in their spirits, as it relieves the tension, with it feel the rest of the soul and so on.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH execute for learning the principles of Salaah, at seven years old for all Muslim children, because it’s a basis of Islam, and this is God imposed upon us


The Prophet recommended honesty in his honourable hadiths. He commands to teach children how to be honest because honesty leads to righteousness which leads to paradise. In other words, don’t lie because it leads to hell.

Allah mentioned the lying in the Quran in Surah Al Imran, verse 184, Surah Al Anam in verses 21, 148, and 157, in Surah Al Araf in verse 37, Surah Yunus in verses 17 and 39, Surah Yusuf in verse 18, Surah Al Hijr in verse 80, Surah Al Esraa in verse 59, Surah Taha in verse 48, Surah Al Furqan in verse 11, Surah Al Shura in verse 176, Surah Al Ankabut in verses 18, and 68, and Surah Fatir in verse 25.

Then Allah Subhanahu WA Ta’ala speaks about the fact that it is a sickness, it will continue to grow if it is not clipped and nipped in the bud if a person doesn’t repent and leave the bad way habit of lying and being false. Allah says it will continue and it will become a disease in the heart. It will be impossible for a person not to lie at a certain stage because a person becomes enslaved by lie and then become shackled in the lie, and doesn’t know whether to move right or left to that corner. The truthfulness will save you, to be honest, and truthfulness will save you in the Donia as well as in the Day of Judgment.


Islam is a religion of mercy and allowance, teaching the children how to be merciful with their old parents, with the younger child, with the weaker person, with any person who deserves it. Furthermore, with all animals, when they need help or have any problem and the way they can help them.

The muster guidance in the allowance and mercy is the prophet Muhammad PBUH. We should talk with our children about how our prophet Muhammad PBUH dealt with his wives, daughter, friends, and enemies. Despite that, his enemies hurt him.

Allah mentioned that in the Quran in Surah Al-Shura in verse (37), and (40), Surah Al Baqarah in verse (219), and Surah Al Araf in verse (199).


Islam is respecting and appreciating people, whether they are men or women. It encourages old to teach their children how to appreciate whoever they are dealing with and respect other religions in general.


Islam guides people to deal with others flexibly, without distinction between rich and poor, without discrimination. Allah treats humans equally, except with their piety.

Islam commands rich people to give and help others who need money, food, a place to sleep, and clothes. Islam guides people to the proper way to provide others charity or any help without showing it in public, and this is also kindness.


The discipline of children in Islam is not a hard path. But it requires more patience and needs to discipline yourself before teaching your child anything to be more honest. It requires tutors and parents to watch their manners and reactions and how it reflected in their children with respect, truthfulness, kindness, and allowance.

Also, don’t forget our children are our responsibility, and Allah will ask: “how did we raise them?”. Ustadhy’s website aims to give this information about the disciple easily.

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