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Do you know why God created the pig

Do you know why God created the pig and then ordered us not to eat it?? You will be surprised by the answer!! Read Now!! Many new Muslims know about the “Not Eating Pork issue” as one of Islam orders to Muslims. Some of them obey the order without negotiation. Others tend to search and seek the wisdom or reasons behind such orders asking themselves; “why would Allah create pigs and then forbid us to eat its meat? And that’s what we are talking about today. And before anything, let’s start with this verse from the Holy Qur’an: {FORBIDDEN to you is carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that over which any name other than God’s has been invoked, and not by an inclination to sinning -behold, God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace.} In the very beginning, we would like to note that God forbid eating pork meat and as long as God forbid it, then we will obey His order whether we know the reason behind it or not. However, in addition to our obeying Him, we will mention today the reasons depending on scientific and clinical information. And also, depending on religious information to comfort our hearts. So, let’s start. First, The reason for the pig’s creation: In the beginning, we need to bear in mind that the nature of pigs is not clean. It is a dirty animal by nature as it feeds on animal and human waste. The pig was not created on earth as an animal until the flood of Noah, it is god’s will, and it was created for a certain purpose. Noah’s Ark and those with him complained from the smell of animal waste on the ship, So, Allah created the pig to clean up all the dirt on the ship of animals and their wastes with lightning speed. Second, why it’s forbidden to eat pork: Studies of modern science have shown that there is significant and serious damage to human beings when eating pork meat, as follows:

1-      Pig’s body is infected with viral diseases as a result of the parasites on which the pig feeds, these parasites do not die when the meat is cooked at any temperature, and these diseases appear in the form of vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, dehydration and abdominal cramping.

2-      The disease caused by the pig worm, which is transmitted to the human when eating meat, this worm grows in the intestines of the human, increases in size and can reproduce, may travel from one place to another through the gut and reach the blood and attack muscle tissue, and cause damage to the heart, lungs and brain, as the trichinella helical capillary worm found in it leads to spinal cord paralysis and the emergence of a rash.

3-      Heart and arteries are infected with diseases due to high LDL cholesterol due to eating pork, and the high-fat content of this meat increases the risk factors for the heart and arteries.

4-      The pig is one of the most commonly used animals to contribute to the spread of diseases, with 27 infectious epidemics. It causes many Infections, like infections of nerves, joints, kidneys, lungs and meningitis.

5-      Weight gain is significantly due to high saturated harmful fat substances, and this causes damage to the heart and various body parts.

6- Bladder cancer studies have shown that pork cooked at high temperatures can form some heterogeneous ring amines compounds that are responsible for increasing the risk of bladder cancer.

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