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The Best 8 Unique Virtues Of Friday | Recognise It

In our great religion, Friday is considered one of the best days of the week, in it Muslims meet together to listen to sermons and pray. It is a blessed day.

Short brief about Friday:

Dear reader, the Arabic word for Friday is (Al_jummah) which means the day of gathering before Islam Arabs called it(Al -Uruba) and the seventh grandfather of our Prophet (Ka’b ibn lua’ay) changed his name to (Al_jummah) as he used to gather Quraish in this day.

Now let’s explore the most important 5 rituals to do on Friday:

As we mentioned before, Muslims consider Friday to be a blessed and special day that starts after Thursday’s maghrib to Friday’s maghrib and it is very important to all Muslims not to neglect Friday prayer because of work and study, Muslims do particular things on this day. For example

1- washing up:

On Friday, every Muslim talks about a bath, trim nails and brushing teeth not only this but also wearing clean clothes with putting perfume(non-alcoholic).

2- Listing to the sermon and praying in the congregation:

Males must finish their affairs early on Friday to be able to reach the masjid well before time.

The Friday khutbah(sermon) is sunnah and it is important to all to hear which can be centred around a wide range of subjects relevant to the community like intellectual challenges and social justice reasons, accompanied with verses of Quran and hadith to be remender for the Muslim community to achieve their obligations towards God and people. and Muslim males, are obligated to offer the Friday prayers in the congregation.

3 Reciting surah al kahf:

Reading this great chapter helps you to expiate from your sins and gain the blessing of Allah almighty.

We should all make the reading of surah al kahf a regular habit.

4- Sending blessings to our great prophet:

increasing blessings ought to be sent upon our prophet Mohammed. When you follow these steps, look forward to jummah and prepare advanced you will win god bless.

And now let us answer the question of why is Friday significant in Islam?

Certainly, There are a lot of causes that are given in the Quran and hadith to the significance of Friday.

The best Virtues of Friday:

  • It is the original blessed day :

Our great Prophet said that Allah led those who came before us astray from Friday he made Saturday for the jews and Sunday for Christians.

  • A chapter in Quran is called Friday:

Allah mentioned Friday in the Quran, called surah (surat al jummah) not only this but also he swore by it and all this shows the value of Friday with our lord.

1•Friday is connected to the prophet Adam:

Five significant events occurred in the life of our great forefather Adam on Friday

. Allah created Adam

. Adam was made to enter a paradise.

. The repentance of Adam was accepted on Friday.

.Allah sent down Adam to earth

.Allah caused Adam to die.

2•The hour of acceptance on Friday:

Our Prophet said that there are times on Friday that no Muslim will stand, pray and beg Allah for what is good except that he would give it to him, these are some opinions say this distinguished time in the last time before Asr(the hour before sunset), this because Allah created Adam in this time, after all, it is the day on which we were created and Islam was perfected.

Every Friday we have a chance to ask Allah about everything we hope for, this already gives us hope in life.

3•protection from the trial of the grave:

Another virtue of Friday is that, if a Muslim died on Friday, he will be protected from the trial of the grave.

4•The day of judgment occurs on Friday:

Our Prophet said that the last hour will not happen except on Friday, and all creations of Allah fear from Friday except join and men.

Also one of the names of judgment day is (Yawm al-Jam), the day of gathering.

Notice dear reader that the word (Jam’) itself is from the same Arabic word (jummah) and this proves the link between Friday and judgment day.

5•Allah perfected the religion on Friday:

One of the most momentous events happened on Friday( the perfection of Islam for this Umma).

Islam was completed on Friday and it also was the day of Arafah.

6- seeing Allah will be on Friday :

In paradise, people who do good and charity things Allah will give them an unbelievable reward(Seeing him)on Friday, not only this but also they will not see any gloom or disgrace.

We hope to be from them.

8- Friday is the master of all days :

After reading all the above virtues of Friday, you will not be surprised when you know our great Prophet called Friday the master of all days, it is greater for Allah more than Eid days( day of Adha and day of fitr).

Summary :

Friday is a significant day in our great religion, and there are Quranic verses and hadith to prove it. Every Friday is the new chance for nearing from Allah by praying, reading Quran and dua. We hope Allah accepts our worship to be from paradise people.

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