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Islam And Life

Life has many aspects which include political, social, matrimonial cultural, educational, economical and affairs, added to those related to birth, lactation, death and inheritance together with all the religious affairs related to the very essence of Islam.  The very Essence of Islam effectively influences all aspects of life, interrelationships with individuals and groups;  Thus formulating modes and styles of life that systematize, regulate, control and direct affairs all Muslims’ have been, therefore, long-acting solutions.  appropriately provided for all Muslims’ problems, crises, troubles and cares.

As for Politics, it is through Islam that all Muslim countries and nations lead the happiest life, having good and peaceful international right-based and justice-founded relationships.  Hence, it is through Islam that the Muslim countries spread peace, right and love, administer justice, foster fraternity solidarity and integration, develop mutual respect, reciprocal esteem and cooperation, supporting Human Rights in general and Muslims ‘ rights in particular.  Besides, Muslim countries seek to achieve peaceful, just, balanced unbiased, objective, neutral and assault-free settlement of all disputes and conflicts through peaceful talks.  discussions and negotiations based on right, justice and love that go along with the Teachings of Islam.

As for the values, virtues, principles and concepts of Islam, they are reflected in the field of the Muslim Family hence, such Islamic values, virtues, principles.  and concepts are effectively released in all family affairs;  systematizing and regulating the multifarious aspects including the choice of a Muslim wife, good names for sons and daughters, good Islamic breeding of children and teaching members of the Muslim families, how to deal with one another and how to deal with life Islamically.  Therefore, families members are urged to be taught Islamic values, virtues, principles and concepts, The Holy Hadith and Jurisprudence.  Moreover, the Quran 9 husband-wife relationships are systematized in a bid to preserve the entity of the family, preserving the prestige of men and the rights of women and children for the good of the Muslim family.

As for the parental rights, they are widely dealt with in the light of Islamic Teachings;  since Islam calls all Muslim sons and daughters to deal with their parents kindly, mercifully and respectfully, taking into consideration that parental rights are provided by Islam.  Moreover, disobedience to parents – in all that pleases Allah ( Glory be to Him ) leads to His Anger.  But for Sublime Obedience to parents, all disobedient sons and daughters would lose the Pleasure Of Allah ( Glory be to Him );  Since those disobedient sons and daughters who allege to preserve the Pillars of Islam will not be admitted to Paradise since disobedience to parents is primarily disobedience to Allah (Glory be to Him) who orders sons and daughters to deal with their parents kindly, mercifully and respectfully.

As for the general trend of Muslims ‘ lives, Islam orders Muslims to deal Islamically with themselves, their relatives, neighbours and brothers and sisters in Islam and even followers of other religions.  Muslims are ordered by Islam to care for their own lives;  through the truthful adherence to Islamic teachings that call for the preservation of Muslims’ lives;  since it is the religion of right and justice.  Likewise, Islam orders Muslims to care for the lives of their relatives, neighbours, brothers and sister in Islam;  since it is the religion of mercy and compassion.  Moreover, Islam orders Muslims to care for the lives of followers of other religions who are brothers and sisters in Humanity since it is the religion of peace and tolerance. Hence, it is through the truthful application of that Islam that the Rights of “Islam”.  “Relationship”.  “Neighbourhood” and “humanity” are equally preserved;  since the religion of Islam is the religion of right.  justice, mercy, compassion.  peace and tolerance.

As for the field of Employment, it is the field where Islam orders Muslims to be real Muslims as employers of employees.  It is through Islam that the rights of employers and employees are preserved, taking into consideration that employer-employee relationships are based on Islamic Teachings that call for right and justice.  Moreover, it is through Islam that the duties of employers and employees are equally preserved;  thereby ensuring success and progress, urging all Muslim employers and employees to be true, truthful, honest, and just uplifting the banners: “WORK RIGHTEOUSLY.” “TAKE YOUR RIGHTS AND GIVE OTHERS THEIRS.” “APPLY ISLAM, FAITH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.”  “BE HONEST.” “BE JUST.” “DO YOUR BEST TO PLEASE ALLAH (GLORY BE TO HIM).”

Hence, it is through Islam that all rights and duties in the multifarious aspects of life are preserved.  Likewise, it is through the preservation of all rights and duties that Islam preserved;  Since it is the religion of right and justice and it is the Seal Religion that cares for all kinds of rights and duties, taking into consideration that the Ideal life – Islam cares for is life-based on balanced rights and duties.  Besides, it is through Islam that all values, virtues, noble principles and sublime concepts are preserved;  since Islam is the Seal Religion that cares for the Islamic, Spiritual and Moral side of life including all the Islamic Teachings, the Islamic and spiritual, values, virtues, principles, concepts added to the qualities of good Muslims, sincere Believers and honest, Righteous, Pious and Faithful Muslims. Hence, it is obvious that Islam introduces all the Sublime Islamic Teachings that should be applied in practical life;  since a Muslim’s Islam.  Faith, Piousness and Righteousness would be incomplete without the truthful application of the Islamic Teachings, values, virtues, principles and concepts that collectively call for the rights of all and aim at the realization of genuine Prosperity and Welfare;  since Islam is the religion of the Ideal life, Happiness, Development, Progress and Heavenly Support.

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