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Islam and love

Islam is the religion of love.  Peace, affability, amiability.  cordiality and peaceless;  since love is the basis of Islam that propagates peace in all branches of life, for all humans, animals, plants and all sorts of creatures.  A life dominated by Islam is a perfected harmony whose basis is Isalame with all values, principles and teachings that form both the external harmony and the internal one.  As for the external harmony.  It exists in the Muslims’ deeds;  Muslims live with one another harmoniously.  peacefully and meekly without the least harshness.  Whereas internal harmony exists inside the Believing Muslims’ conflict-free hearts.

Islam is indeed the religion of love urging Muslims to love one another for the sake of Allah (Glory be to Him).  Moreover, it is Islam that urges Muslims to realize love in all the relationships extended to all creatures including all and excepting none.  Hence, love is the means and the target at the same time.  Besides, It should be taken into consideration that love is the mightiest weapon through which evil, hatred, malice, spleen, grudge, envy and aggression can be successfully overcome.  paving the way for love, cordiality, affability, amity and cooperation to prevail uplifting the “FIGHT EVIL EVERYWHERE.”  “FIGHT HATRED EVERYWHERE.”  “SPREAD GOOD EVERYWHERE.”  “SPREAD LOVE EVERYWHERE.”

However, some may misunderstand the term Love and understand It as submission.  But Islamically speaking – the real sense of the term “Love” Is the mighty right-based.  Justice-founded and assault-free love whose foundations are might, right, justice, tolerance and Benevolence.  Thereupon, the real love is strong enough to defend Itself and its supporters;  fighting self-love, evil, hatred.  spleen, grudge and aggression everywhere and propagating right, justice, peace, peacefulness meekness.  Tolerance, altruism, togetherness and humanity-loving spirit, thereby calling for evil-free good, aggression-free peace and grudge-free love.

The right-based, justice-founded and Allah-pleasing Love leads up to Paradise, where there is no injustice.  Hence, those who yearn to have Paradise as the Eternal Bliss have to power their hearts with the fuel of love that urges them to do good and discontinue evil, worshipping Allah (Glory be to Him) through love that is not only addressed to Paradise but also to Almighty Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.  It is such Sublime Love that creates the loving, shining, lustrous and radiant hearts;  that has no room for evil, hatred, spleen, grudge or malice.

Moreover, Sublime Love is closely related to Faith.  It is upon true Allah-pleasing love that the rate of Fath depends.  The Righteous and Believing Muslim will not have complete faith unless he loves Allah (Glory be fo Him) and His Apostle Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than everybody, everything and even himself;  one’s love to others and himself should occupy a smaller portion of his heart if compared to his Love to Allah (Glory be to Him) and to His Apostle Muhammad (peace be upon him): since such Sublime Love drives a Righteous and Believing Muslim forward by the Teachings of Islam.

Furthermore, love is closely related to Paradise where no bearers of hating hearts will be admitted.  The only people who will be admitted Muslims are those pour-hearted possessing loving hearts.  As for Muslims who help others in adversities, they deserve Paradise.  Besides, those who help the poor and the needy.  they have the same great reward.  As for Fasters, they will be admitted to Paradise through Arrayyan Gate and nobody else will be admitted to Paradise through such Gate.  Prayer Performers, Zakat Payers and Pilgrims will also be admitted to Paradise;  since the only basis upon which admittance depends is the Muslims’ possession of sincerity, truthfulness and Sublime Love.

Righteous, Pious and Faithful Muslims indeed adhere to the Pillars of Islam, the Cornerstones of Faith and the Concepts of Plousness and Righteousness, through their Sublime Love that renders their hearts so illuminated that they get completely immunized against the evil sides of their hearts and the temptation of Satan, who will go with his followers to Hell, (May Allah protect us from Hell).  Hence the righteous, Pious and Faithful Muslims’ Sublime Love contributes to their salvation from Hell, Thereby they gain Paradise and Allah’s Pleasure as the Eternal Bliss.  Allah is Greater.  Likewise, His Love is Greater and His Mercy is Greater too.

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