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Islam And Prayer

Prayer is the second pillar of Islam providing a Muslim with spiritual fuel;  since it is the link between him and Allah (Glory be to Him).  Besides, Prayer is the cornerstone and the heart of the religion of Islam, without which a good genuine Muslim would be nowhere;  since it is the container of all pillars of Islam, which are closely interrelated and interlaced.  It is in the pillar of prayer that all pillars of Islam are functionally located.  Besides, it is in the pillar of prayer that all pillars of Islam are well shown and luminously perceived and conceived by genuine Muslims who are fully aware of the very Essence of Prayer.

Prayer as the second Pillar of Islam is closely related to the first Pillar of Islam that is namely the Testimony that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah.  This Testimony is closely related to Monotheism;  since Prayer includes such a rather important Testimony.  Hence, it is through the successively performed Prayers that the Testimony is successively uttered by Prayer performers.  reinforcing the Doctrine of Monotheism and confirming the firm Belief in Allah (Glory be to Him) and His Muslims Apostle Muhammad (peace be upon him), thereby saving from disbelief and aberrance.

Moreover, it is through the punctual and successive prayers that the link between a worshipping Muslim and Allah ( Glory be to Him ) is consolidated;  ensuring permanent and uninterrupted guidance, external and internal purification, restoration 10 inborn purity, immunity against major sins and minor sins.  Hence, it is through the Muslim’s punctual, truthful and successive prayers that the very essence of Islam is preserved and the very Essence of a Muslim is maintained;  since the solemn rituals of the Prayer, rite Keep a Muslim in Heavenly Protection that never comes to an end as long as a Muslim adheres to keeping Allah in remembrance.

Indeed, Prayer is closely related to Zakat;  since both reinforce righteousness, piousness, fear of Allah (Glory be to Him), truthfulness and firm faith.  Besides, Prayer implies the allotment of time taken in the perfect and truthful performance of the daily Prayers and such allocation of time can be said to be Zakat;  since such time would result in earning money if it was used in bread-winning life errands.  Moreover, it is through the Performance of Prayer and the Payment of Zakat that the Muslim’s hearts are purified.  Thus, Prayer contributes to the perfect crystallization of a Believer’s Faith that leads up to good intentions, words and deeds which – in their turn – logically lead up to Paradise and the Pleasure of Allah (Glory be ho Him).

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