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Learning Islamic Studies For English speakers | Best Ways

If you are interested to know more about Islam, learn Islamic studies(Quran, Fiqh, Hadith, Islamic History and Tafseer) they are essential for Muslims to learn.

What do Islamic studies mean?

It is an interdisciplinary field that gives you the chance to understand many nuances of Islam, it includes five areas for study :

  • Aqida(Islamic doctrine).
  • Quran and Tafseer
  • Fiqh.
  • Islamic history.
  • Hadith

 Why and How to learn the Quran?

The Quran is the guidance of the Muslim way, the light of his sight and the life of his heart. Every Muslim derives his beliefs and thoughts from this great book. And if you want to learn the Quran, please follow us in (USTADHI) through our online courses. it occurs in many steps:

1• Noorani Qaida:

 It is a book that helps kids, beginners and adults, who find a lot of difficulties in reading the Holy Qur’an. If you don’t know anything about Arabic or the Qur’an, make the Noorani Qaida the first choice. You will learn the Arabic words, symbols and the principles of pronunciation (Constant, long vowel and short vowel)

2• Listening to Quran:

It is another effective step for beginners to listen to the Quran during the reciting from a moshav, it will improve your level.

3• Read Quran continuously

In this step, start reading the verses of the Quran, try and continue reading until you become read without any mistakes.

4• Start with an easy chapter:

You should start with the small and easy chapters, not long chapters like Al_Baqarah.

5• Memorization of Quran:

Memorize of Quran course is available on our website (USTADHY) which aims to help learners (adults or kids) memorize the Quran with perfect pronunciations While learning tajweed in a short time.

6• Revise….Revise…Revise:

This step is very important. Always revise the old lectures before moving to the new ones.

7• Learning the Quran reciting

8• Educate Tajweed of the Qur’an.

After we mentioned the ways of learning the Quran, we should know the importance of learning the Quran:

  • It is a good and noble act.
  • Give us all the information that we need about the aspects of life.
  • Make us near to Allah.

What is fiqh?

It is considered the person understanding and practising the sharia, it explains the rules concerning actions, you can learn it through:

1• Learn it with a qualified teacher.

2• Start with rules concerning prayer, zakat and fasting then move into rules concerning marriage, selling and buying.

3• After knowing the rules you should know what is wajib(required), haram(sinful), mubah(neutral) and makruh(disapprove).

4• Learning the proofs behind ruling(dalil) is not a requirement but it is commendable.

What is your information about Tafseer?

The Tafseer means(interpretation), Tafseer of the Quran is understanding and explaining the words of the Quran, it is considered one of the most important advanced sciences as it helps Muslims recognise the true message of the Quran words. You can learn it in many ways such as:

1• Self-learning:

You can learn by yourself through brief Tafseer books like AL-JALALYN and AL-Tafseer AL-Muyassar.

2•Try to go to the mosque or any Islamic centre, it is a good idea to learn with professional Islamic tutors.

3• online Quran Tafseer courses:

It is the easiest method to learn online step by step with professional teachers.

What do you know about Islamic history?

Islamic history forms the basis of our Muslim identity, helping Muslims to unite, know all the events and difficulties that occurred while spreading Islam, learn from the historical incidents and develop a wider perspective of the world.

Our website(USTADHY) presents an Islamic history course that contains all the information you need, from the story of (Adam) and his descent to the earth until the birth of (Muhammed) and his life story.

What is Hadith?

The word hadith means reports about what our great Prophet (Muhammed) said, actions, approval, and disapproval.

We learn hadith for these reasons:

  • It is a source of guidance.
  • For completely understanding the Quran.
  • Hadith includes a lot of solutions for our problems like marriage and divorce.
  • Knowing the rights of the neighbourhood, family and our other relations.
  • knowing unseen events mentioned by our prophets (Muhammed) like Israa and Miraj.
  • It increases your information about our great Prophet.

To learn it will read these books(Sahih-Bukhari) and (Sahih-Muslim)

Some information about Aqida:

Aqidah means knowing six articles of faith:

To believe in Allah, to believe in the angels, to believe in the messenger of Allah, to believe in the books of Allah, to believe in the last day and to believe in divine destiny.

Well, why do we learn Islamic studies?

Because it has many benefits such as:

  • worship Allah in the right method.
  • Learning good morals like honesty, respect and mercy.
  • Educating the character of our Prophet Muhammed.
  • Apply and live Islam in our society.
  • Become able to raise your children in the light of Islam.

Summary :

We all hope to become near tAllahah, worship him in the right way and perform all orders and instructions of Allah to enter his paradise so, we should focus on learning Islamic study which we said previously (Quran, Tafsir, Fiqh, Hadith, Islamic History, Aqidah).

So, Follow us on our website (USTADH). We will help you to be well educated by our available online courses with professional teachers.

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