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Lady Khadeeja Mother of the Believers

Our Lady Khadeeja Bint – Khuwaylid is known in history as (Lady Khadeeja, Mother of the Believers).  She rightly gained this honour because she was the wife of Allah’s Seal Prophet and Apostle Muhammad (peace be upon him).  She was also the first person in the world to believe in him and to adopt the new religion of Islam;  that is why she is always given the highest esteem, position and rank, on account of the highest esteem of Allah’s Seal Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and the highest esteem of Allah’s seal religion, the religion of Islam through the seal revelation of the Holy Quran. 

Our lady Khadija ( may Allah be pleased with her ) was very rich and had a large trade with Syria, needed an honest man to look after her business.  Muhammad was recommended to her as the most suitable man for the job since he was so famous for his honesty that the people of Mecca, his native city, called him ” Al – Ameen ” ( The Honest ).  He managed her business so successfully and so honestly that he won her confidence and respect.  Many rich Meccans longed to marry Lady Khadeeja, but she knew that they were after her wealth, so she preferred to marry the honest young man, Muhammad.  They were married and led happy life

It was before the advent of Islam that Muhammad did not believe in idols though idolatry was everywhere in Arabia and idols were then worshipped by the Arabs.  He spent much of his time in the Cave of Hira ” thinking, meditating and contemplating. He looked around and thought of the vast universe that surrounded him and believed that there had to be a great God whom all people had to worship and praise.  fact.

He was Allah the One, the Creator of the universe, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the Creator of the jinns and mankind to worship Him – Who purified his heart, illuminating it with His Light and providing it with His guidance, Power and Support and prepared him for the greatest message ever since the day he was born. It was through the Light of Allah, the Will of Allah, the power of Allah, the Support of Allah and the guidance of Allah that the heart of Muhammad ( willed by Allah to be later on His seal Prophet and Apostle ) was filled up with  Heavenly light and guidance ensuring the purity of his heart, body and mind ( destined to be reflected on the tribe of Quraysh, all parts of Arabia and all corners of the world including the jinns and mankind later on through the advent of Islam for the good of humanity) and ensuring safe, steady, unshaken and guided procession along paradise – orienting, monotheism – based right path leading up to the Pleasure of Allah (Glory be to Him).

At length, Allah most Gracious, most Merciful willed His Light, Guidance and Mercy to come true and the day came when Gabriel, the Angel of Allah, visited Muhammad in ” the Cave of Hira “.  He embraced him several times and revealed the first verses of the Holy Quran.  Muhammad’s heart was filled with awe and hurried home trembling.  When he told his wife Lady Khadeeja about his wonderful experience, she pacified, comforted and calmed him down and said that he had no reason to fear since she knew that he was a good and honest man and that His goodness and honesty would never be rewarded with evil.  Moreover, she accompanied him to her cousin – who was a highly cultured, well versed and learned scholar, Waraqa Ibn – Nawfal- who listened attentively to Muhammad’s account and then assured that Muhammad must have been the Prophet who was mentioned in the Old Scriptures and expected appear at that time.  It is obvious from Lady Khadeeja’s reaction to all that happened to Muhammad in the Cave of Hira that she was Muhammad’s honest wife who was deep in thinking and profound in speculation provided with truthfulness, sincerity, good-heartedness, stability, truth,  thoughtfulness, objectivity, sublimity, enlightenment, illumination, brightness, intelligence, wisdom, prudence, comprehensiveness, good depth, profundity, benevolence, guidance, purity, transparency, discretion, clarity, frankness, positiveness, self – confidence, right, might,  justice, nobility, moral courage, readiness for logic heavenly guidance and readiness to believe in all identified as right and sublime.  It was through such rare sublime qualities, traits and characteristics that Lady Khadeeja Bint Khuwaylid deserved to be Muhammad’s wife and to gain later on the highest position, rank and title – that is namely “Mother of the Believers” that is regarded as the highest honour,  Dignity, appreciation and respect – given to her later on by all Muslims by the advent of the real religion of Islam, the religion of all virtues, values, principles and concepts that please Allah (Glory be to Him),

There is no doubt that on that remarkable day, Lady Khadeeja Bint – Khuwaylid was the happiest wife on earth.  The man she had trusted and preferred to all other men had been selected by Allah ( Glory be to Him ) to be His Messenger to all mankind.  She believed in him and devoted her life to his service and his help.  Many of the people of Mecca were unwilling to believe in Muhammad or his mission.  Accordingly, they ill-treated and hurt him.  But Lady Khadeeja Bint – Khuwaylid was always on his side comforting, encouraging and supporting him.  She shared all his cares, troubles, sufferings and pains.  It is no wonder then that Almighty Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful sent her His Blessings.  Abu – Hurayra related that Gabriel said to Muhammad, ” Oh, Messenger of Allah, Khadeeja will coming to you with your food.  When she comes, tell her that Allah sends her His Praise and Blessings and that she will have a splendid home in Paradise.  ” Ten years after the revelation, Khadeeja Bint – Khuwaylid ( may Allah be pleased with her ) died and consequently Allah’s Seal Prophet and Apostle Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) grieved deeply for her death and never forgot her or the twenty-five years of  Their married life. He always spoke of her with love, gratitude, respect and reverence. Summing up his life with her, he said, ” She believed in me when people disbelieved me;  She trusted me when people contradict me.  She helped me with money when people denied me their help and God granted me, children, from her not from anybody else of women.  ” May Allah be pleased with Lady Khadeeja ” Mother of the Believers ” and reward her for her great efforts with Allah’s Seal Prophet and Apostle Muhammad (peace be upon him ).

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