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In Ustadhy we will talk about how Mohammed Salah changed the view of other worlds about Islam, and how can he prove himself to the world with his achievements.

Who’s Mohammed Salah?

Mohammed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly is an Egyptian football player, Muslim،date of birth 15 June 1992, height 175 cm, he played firstly in Al Mokawloon club 2006- 2010 in Egypt, then he started his professional career which he played in Basel club, then Chelsea club he played in Fiorentina club, then in Roma team in the Italian league, from here his professional career was started, he played in Roma 2 years in this period he was the playmaker, and he scored goals and he makes achievements and the world started talking about him, he captains Egypt national team,  he became loved from fans.

After that, he got an offer to play in Liverpool club in the Premier League as the forward, his t-shirt number is eleven, that’s was a turning point in his life، in this period he became one of the best players in the world, he breaks the Premier League scoring record for a 38 season, and also he was the third in the Best FIFA men’s player award in 2018.

Mohammed Salah is number one in the Middle East, he has 46 million followers on Instagram, and he is the real model to any player, man, or child, he plays in the Liverpool club until now, and in this season in Liverpool, he helps his team to win premier League in 2019/2020, and he helped his national team to reach the final of Africa cups of the nation in 2017, he was the top scorer in CAF, he helped his team to qualify to FIFA world cup in 2018, Mohammed Salah named by CAF African footballer of the year in (2017 and 2018).

The Islamic costumes that he does:

Mohammed Salah was born and grown in Egypt, in an Arabic and Islamic country, he lived in bayou city, he used to read the Quran from his child antill this moment, he allows celebrate when he scored goals by Sujud, this is one of the steps in Islamic pray to thinking his god, he was doing that from his child, he prays and keep on it, he does practice every day، they are saying in Arabic ” the healthy mind in the healthy body” it means the healthy mind it comes from the health habit by connecting with God and reading the Quran and doing exercise.

Mohammed Salah’s wife:

He has a beautiful wife, she is a Muslim also, and she wears hejab, all over the world see her when she received an award-winning instead of her husband, we show all the appreciation and the respect when he does that.

This is Islam, and this is his beliefs and concepts, Islam is the first religion that appreciates women and gives them rights and duties.

Mohammed Salah’s wife is the backbone for him and at the same time she has a doctorate and has two children Makka Mohammed Salah and Kayan Mohammed Salah، and she is self-interested, after a few days later she became the real model in the Middle East.

Interests of Mohammed Salah:

1- He donates a lot of money to help many schools, hospitals, Charity foundations، and shelter buildings.

2- He loves to visit his relatives and connect with them.

3- He is obedient and friendly with his parents.

4- He reading the Quran.

5- He keeps on praying.

6- Playing with his children.

7- Doing exercise.

His relationship with his friends:

Despite his being in a different city with different people he was able to form friendships and relationships with his team.

And he was able to change the people’s view of  Islam so that it appeared better than they thought, the world became to show the fairness and equitable of Islam.

Mohammed Salah is lovable from his team and he has huge fans who love him all over the world.

The achievements:

premier League:

In Chelsea 2 goals in 2013/2014.

In Liverpool 32 goals in 2017/2018, 22 goals in 2018/2019, 19 goals in 2019/2020, 22 goals in 2020/2021, and 13 goals in 2021/2022.

Player of the month:

In November 2017.

In February 2018.

In March 2018.

In October 2021.

Premier League champion:

In 2019.

Goals of the month:

In 2020/21, and 2021/22.

Player of the season:

In 2017/18.

Golden boot award:

In 2017/18, and 2018/19.

FIFA men’s player award:

The best third player in 2018.

Records in Premier League:

Goals 110.

Appearance 173.

Assist 43.

In Roma team:

14 goals in 2015/2016.

15 goals in 2016/2017.

Player of the season in 2015/16.

In Fiorentina club:

6 goals in 2015.

In Egyptian national team:

Egypt U20 3 goals in 2010/2011.

Egypt U23 4 goals in 2011/2012.

Egypt had 45 goals in 2011.

Africa cups of the nation in 2017 in Gabon.


Mohammed Salah has a deal with the sponsorship of Adidas in 2018, and Vodafone Egypt in march 2018.


Ustadhy website tries to obtain the meaning of Islam for other cultures, and to know more and more about the equitable، and molar promoter، and how can deal with women and respect her, and the main thing how to connect with Allah, all of these in one religion who’s Islam.

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