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Learning Arabic For Beginner Students

Arabic is a great language because it is the language of the Qur’an, it is considered one of the most ancient languages in the whole world.

Short brief about the Arabic language :

It is the sixth most spoken language, it is spoken by 420 million individuals and twenty-eight countries use this language as an official language.

Arabic contains non_latin letters. Its twenty-eight letters are easy to Learn by English speakers, unlike Chinese letters. Arabic is written from the right direction to the left.

Learning a new language is a difficult mission, especially if this language doesn’t have any principles with your origin (native) language.

And Through (Ustadhi) we will take you on a journey that contains all of what you wish and need about learning Arabic, the most important reasons for you to Learn it. Also, the ways of judging if Arabic is an easy learning language or not.

The most vital causes to Learn Arabic :

Learning Arabic For Beginner Students usually takes a long time, therefore try to be patient during Learning, Arabic is worth be Learned for many causes such as :

1- Arabic is the high request:

We notice that several government agencies need skilled Arab speakers more than before, therefore Learning Arabic not only gives you a chance in the government career but also in any industry in the field of business, engineering, medical and any international relations.

Learning and knowing Arabic provides you with a great chance to make business relationships with business people in rich countries in the middle east like Qatar and the United States emirates.

2- Gain valuable skills of language in many middle east countries:

As a result of the presence of 20 countries speaking Arabic as a mother tongue in the Middle East, this will help you to travel and work suitable opportunities in many different countries.

 Not only this but also you will be distinguished as Arabic not spoken by your peers.

3- obtaining International experience in important countries:

Always travelling and studying outside is an obtainable selection for students, many people are travelling to America or Europe but few who travel to Egypt, Morocco or Lebanon, these countries among the countries of the middle east have great importance to US businesses and government.

4- Learning more about the largest second religion in the whole world:

The studying of the Arabic language will make you know more and more about Islam which is the second International religion and first religion in our Arab world

5- Making you act as an ambassador:

Because of the presence of bad feelings between America and Arabs, you should know the two languages(Arabic and English) to be able to spread awareness and see accurately the situation between the Arab and Americans.

How to learn the Arabic language?

During learning any new language you should recognise and study its vocabulary, grammar, verbs and sentence forming.

Also, try more and more to speak this language as well as you can and look for native speakers to practice the language with them. we will mention the most important steps in learning Arabic

1- Decide what type of Arabic you need to learn:

The Arabic language contains a lot of types and accents so if you will stay in one area for a long time you should learn the accent which suits this area.

2- Start learning the basics of the language:

It is a big wrong transcription of words instead of learning Arabic Alphabet…first try to learn letters then you will form different words from these letters and later you will be able to form sentences and to strengthen the Arabic language you must study the grammar.

3- Try to use the Arabian dictionary:

This mission is not easy as it appears, in this dictionary words are organized around three _letters’ roots, when you look for an award you need to know what the root is and what letter the root begins with _which is not necessarily the first letter of the word.

4- study very well and practise:

This is the most important step in any language. If you want to learn a new word you should first see it, hear it, write it and speak it, so try to combine all these activities as much as you can.

One of the most effective ways to practice any new language is (watching children’s programmes) because using words are simple, the nature of education is very helpful to any foreign student of any age.

try to watch and listen to any Arabic programmes with English subtitles, if you continue to do this you will understand what is said with no subtitles.

5- Speak the language continually:

Dear reader, seeing and listening are not enough in the learning process so you need to practice the language with native speakers(whose Arabic is a mother tongue) and don’t be worried because technology makes it easy. You can find groups for learning Arabic online and it will be easier if you find teachers to help and coach you.

6- Never stop the learning process:

All the steps we mentioned before, are just the start of learning Arabic and many individuals can do it, but continuing in learning is the true challenge as it may continue for years, but if you want to gain conversation skills quickly devote yourself to the pursuit.


We are proud of our great language, the language of the Quran. This language is characterized by a richness of vocabulary, language structures and flexibility. If you like to learn Arabic you can do it through online courses, videos, books and our website(Ustadhi).

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