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scenes from prophets’ life

We remember some glimpses of the Prophet’s guidance in his life story, and we chose 3 scenes for you, today, that reflect the great values all Muslims work on having. First: Homeland Love (by Prophet Muhammad) The Messenger of Allah Muhammad, peace be upon him, used to love Mecca with great love, for it is his country in which he was born, and there’s the Sacred House, Al-masjid Al-Haram, and on its land, the Holy Qur’an was revealed to him for the first time, and when disbelievers hurt the Messenger, peace is upon him, and his companions in Makkah, God commanded him – The Almighty -to migrate to Medina. And when he, peace be upon him, was leaving Mecca, he looked at it with the gaze of the loyal lover, and began to bid it farewell, saying: “I swear by God that you are the best part of God’s earth and the part dearest to Him.

Had I not been expelled from you I would not have gone out.” Years later after many events, theProphet went back to Mecca and entered it with joy and happiness, and forgave its people despite what they did with him. And this is how loyalty to the homeland should be and what the Muslim who is loving his country, keen on its interest, and loyal to it, should do. Second: Loyalty (of new Muslims) Messenger Mohammad, peace be upon him, used to present his invitation to Islam to the tribes coming to Mecca to visit the Sacred House, during the seasons of Hajj. And in one of these seasons, a group came from Medina, and the Prophet met them and called them to Islam and their hearts were open to Islam. So, they agreed and became Muslims. Messenger Mohammad said to them: Why don’t you pledge allegiance to the Messenger of Allah? So they said: What do we pledge allegiance to you? He said to them: That you worship Allah and do not associate anything or anyone with him. He’s one God only, also, to do the five daily prayers, and do not ask people anything. So, they pledged allegiance to the Prophet and they made a pledge to him on that, and they were so honest in their pledge and fulfilled their pledge to an extent that some of them were if their whip fell from them, they wouldn’t ask someone to pick it up to them, in fulfilment of their covenant with the Messenger that they should not ask anyone anything. This shows how those people were honest and loyal to the covenant with the Messenger to an extent no one can imagine.

Third: The faithful wife (Zainab, the daughter of the Prophet) Sayyida Zainab, the daughter of the Prophet, may God be pleased with her, was married to Abu Al-Aas bin Al-Rabie before Islam. And she converted to Islam when the message was revealed to her father. However, her husband refused to convert to Islam. She told him you are free to choose your religion but I can’t be his wife anymore. She refused to get married to any other man. She waited for him for a long time. And one day, in the Battle of Badr, the Muslims captured a large number of polytheists, and among these prisoners was Abu Al-Aas bin Al-Rabie, the husband of Sayyida Zainab, the daughter of the Prophet, peace be upon him. And Islam had differentiated between Zainab and her husband because he was a polytheist. When Zainabknewthat Abu Al-Aas bin Al-Rabie fell into captivity, she took off the necklace that her mother had given her, Khadija, may God be pleased with her, upon her marriage, and sent it to the Messenger, to redeem it for Aba Al-Aas. When the Prophet, peace be upon him, saw the necklace of his wife Khadija, he knew it and felt that his daughter was loyal to her husband as Khadija was with him. So, he consulted his companions to release Abu al-Aas, and he asked them to return the necklace to Zaynab. And the Companions agreed, so the Messenger released him. Then, when Abu Al-Aas returned to Mecca, he declared his conversion to Islam. Then he went to Medina, and the Messenger returned to him his faithful wife Zaynab as after being a Muslim, she could be his wife again.

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