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The Quran is the book of Allah, the heaven of Muslims on the earth, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who’s revealed on him the first recitation of noble Quran, in Ustadhy we will talk about how to learn the Quran.

When revealed the noble Quran:

The noble Quran revealed on prophet Muhammad PBUH, as a giudeness and mercy the mankind when he was 40 years by archangel Jibril, that’s a proof to his prophethood, the Quran regarded as a miracle to all Muslims, this isn’t the first divine massages, there were other before Tawrah and Ingil from since of the prophet Adam.

The Quran is the words of Allah, anyone can say the words of the Quran orally without a book. We can call him by Hafiz the Quran, we can Hifz the Quran by using the mouth and sound in certain movements it’s called Tajweed.

The Quran is the literal word of God, and the final revelation to all of mankind, and the Muslims believe that Allah send down the book with the prophet, the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is not the first messenger of Allah, there are many messengers before, each messenger came to a specific people, some of the books mentioned in the Quran as the Torah, Injeel and Scrolls.

The last divinely revealed book is the Noble Quran which was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the archangel Jibril by the command of Allah, the Quran confirms the previous scriptures, and strands as a guardian over the truth contained in them, the Quran will remain unchanged until the last day, it served as a permanent proof against the mankind before God.

There are a technics in the Arabic language :

Arabic grammar, statistics, technic model, language learning tools, NLP, must be known.

The noble Quran started with Al- Fatihah.

About the noble Quran:

In the first five pages in the Noble Quran, each page is divided into four parts approximately, and each part is represented by a pointer, a pointer may have more than one topic، and there is an important thing in the Quran called phrases to learn the meaning of the new word easily, so try to pick the phrase and repeat it’s meaning.

Benefits of the pointers:

1- the pointer gives you a context in which the new words are being used.

2- they help you to visualize the subject of the page.

3- very useful for memorizing the Quran.

Why are the phrases important in the Quran?

1- give more effectiveness in learning words and meaning.

2- make more sense than just words.

3- help you to remember the message.

4- make it more interesting.

And that’s the way to learn vocabulary.

When you study the phrase use (R-5s-10-loud), these are mean, relax, use five senses, spend ten-second at least to learn a new phrase, and say it out loud.


When we read the Noble Quran:

1- learn pointers and phrases.

2- learn how to apply the Quran to our lives.

3- learn weak verbs that occur once in every line of the Quran.

4- belief in the first attribute in the believers, that is, belief in Allah, belief in the book(Quran), belief in the prophet Mohammed (PBUH), belief in the after, and the faith.

Sometimes you see some Muslims who don’t pray regularly, yet give weird interpretations of Quranic verses, you can see the problem here; to receive guidance, one has to pray, we can believe the Quran gives us perfect organization, harmony and structure within our speech.

The Noble Quran consist of:

There are 114 chapters in the Noble Quran which are known as Surah, and 6,666 verses which are known as Ayah in the Noble Quran, the Quran started by Al Fatihah Surah and ended by Al Nas Surah.

The Ayah revealed on prophet Muhammad PBUH  in Ghar Hiraa was from Iqraa Surah was meant ( read by name of Allah).

Every Surah in the Noble Quran has a story which Allah knows us about what happened in past, with our messages in their journey, and what he needs from us to go to paradise, and what it is the things that be bad and we can not do it in our life to not go to the hell.

Can anyone touch the Noble Quran?

Yes, sure anyone can touch and read the Noble Quran but by a few conditions, not touched by those who are not clean, using you must be cleaned your body by washing up or by ablution.

You can memorize and read the Noble Quran at any time of the day, any situation, any place, and any age.

Can the children memorize the Noble Quran?

 The memorization of the Quran is not hard. The children can memorize the Quran from the age of three years, and learn its meaning when they are older, and they memorize it with Tajweed.


In the end, we tried in Ustadhy to obtain what is the  Noble Quran, and what it’s the importance of the Quran in your life, and it is affecting in your soul and your body and your mind.

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