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The Battle of Bdar

The Battle of Badr was the first great battle and the first great victory in the history of Islam.  It took place on Friday, the seventeenth of Ramadan, in the second year of Hijra.  The small group of immigrants had settled in Medina and were almost in a state of war with the unbelievers of Quraysh.  Those unbelievers had hurt them severely because of their faith and forced them to leave their city, Mecca.  They immigrated to Medina leaving their homes and properties. 

It was on one day that Muslims heard that a richly-laden caravan led by Abu – Sufian would pass near Medina on its way back from Syria to Mecca.  They decided to attack the caravan and seize the riches it carried to make up for their lost properties.  Being fully aware of the principles of Islam and the concepts of faith that cared for right, justice and Muslims’ properties, Muslims planned for such an attack to make up for their lost properties and to have their prestige restored to them.

However, Abu Sufian learned about the Muslims’ plans and was able to take his caravan safely to Mecca by following a different route.  But Abu-Jahl, later on, led a large force from Mecca to the plain of Badr, about ninety miles southwest of Medina, to defy and challenge the Muslims and show them that they were much stronger than them.  developmental, the Muslims were not frightened when they heard that the force of the unbelievers was more than three times their number. 

They felt that they were going to fight for faith and that Allah ( Glory be to Him ) would be on their side.  Their force consisted of three hundred and thirteen men led by Allah’s Seal Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).  The unbelievers’ army numbered over one thousand well-armed men.  Among its leaders were some of the most experienced warriors of Arabia under the leadership of “Abu – Jahl”

It was without Almighty Allah’s Aid, Support and Power that the small Muslim force could not defeat the large enemy force, but their firm faith and controlled discipline won them the Aid, Support and Power of Allah ( Glory be to Him ), the Muslims won  A brilliant victory Many of the enemy leaders including Abu – Jahl and Ummayya Ibn – Khalaf were killed and seventy captives of war were taken by the victorious Muslims.  The Battle of Badr clearly shows us how faith can work wonders.  True, truthful, Muslims righteous, pious and faithful must always have faith that Allah (Glory be to Him) will help them realize their rightful aims providing them with His Help, Support, Power and Guidance.  Hence they have to face all difficulties with truthful adherence to the pillars of Islam, cornerstones of faith, concepts of piousness and righteousness which call for right, justice, steadfastness, courage and fearlessness.

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