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The Day of Arafah

The day of Arafah is considered one of the greatest days for Muslims. As it is a day of repentance and the devotion of adorers to their Lord, it is also a day of obedience and acts of worship that bring them closer to Allah- the Almighty God – so that they realize that what has been prepared for them from rewards and blessings is better than the worldly life and the pleasures and whims that it contains, it is better for each Muslim to make the best use of this day in a way that achieves the satisfaction of Allah, The Almighty, and protects the souls from hatred and evilness.

The date of the day of Arafah

 The day of Arafah; is the ninth day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, and it is the twelfth month of the Hijri year, that is, the last month of it, and it comes after the month of Dhu al-Qi’dah, in which the rituals of Hajj are performed, as it is one of the sacred months; the months when fighting was forbidden by the ancient Arabs.

The reason for naming the Day of Arafa with this name

There are many sayings explaining the reason for naming the Day of Arafah with this name, It was said that standing in Arafah occurs on this day so it is named the day of Arafah referring back to this event, and it was said that Ibrahim – peace be upon him – knew on that day that his vision is true, as he had seen in his sleep on the night of al-Tarwiyah that he was slaughtering his son Ismail – may blessings and peace be upon him – and he was confused if this vision is from Allah or not, then he knew that it was from Allah – the Almighty God – the next night, and it was said that the word Arafah comes from the Arabic word “Ya’ataref” meaning “admit” because  Muslims admit in it of the sins they did, Al-Nassfi said that it was called the Day of Arafah because Adam’s meeting with Hawa was on that day at Arafat Mount, as they had separated after their descent from Paradise, and it is said it was called the Day of Arafah because the worshipers ascend the Mountain, as the Arabs used to call what is above the ground as Arafah.

The virtue of the day of Arafah

 The day of Arafah has many virtues. As it is the day of liberation from the fire of Hell, and the forgiveness of sins, as was reported on the authority of Aisha, -the mother of believers- peace and blessings be upon her- that the Prophet -peace and blessings be upon him- said “There is no day when God sets free more servants from Hell than the Day of ‘Arafa. He draws near, then praises them to the angels, saying: What do these want?” Therefore, the Muslim must avoid everything that Allah forbade. To be free from Hellfire, and to gain the forgiveness of sins, and from the virtues of the Day of Arafah, that Allah boasts the people of Arafah among the angels, the best blessing that Allah Almighty bestows his adorers on the Day of Arafah; His descent to the lowest heaven, it was reported that the prophet, peace and blessing be upon him said “When the day of ‘Arafa comes God descends to the lowest heaven and praises them to the angels saying, “Look at my servants who have come to me dishevelled, dusty and crying out from every deep valley. I call you to witness that I have forgiven them.” Then the angels say, “My Lord, so and so was being suspected of sin, also so and so and such and such a woman.” He said that God who is great and glorious replies, “I have forgiven them.” God’s messenger said, “No day has more people set free from hell than the day of ‘Arafa.”It is transmitted in Sharh as-sunna.

How to use the day of Arafah very well? What are the best worships we can do on that day?

Standing at Arafat is the greatest pillar of Hajj(pilgrimage). “Abd ar-Rahman b. Your ad-Dili told that he heard the Prophet say, “The pilgrimage is ‘Arafa. He who gets to ‘Arafa on the night of Jam’ (This would suggest that one is credited with taking part in the halt at ‘Arafa if he gets there at any time before dawn on the night when the pilgrims are at al-Muzdalifa) before dawn has attained the pilgrimage. The days at Mina are three, but if anyone hurries over matters in two days he is guilty of no sin, and if anyone is late he is guilty of no sin.”

Mentioning Allah the Almighty God:

It is Sunnah to increase the remembrance of God Almighty on the Day of Arafah, in any of its parts, and any case. Sitting, standing, or lying down, and from the forms of remembrance of God; Takbir, applaud, praise, and so on.

Fasting on the day of Arafah

The Messenger – may God bless him and grant him peace – explained the virtue of fasting on the day of Arafah by saying “Fast the Day of Arafah, for indeed I anticipate that Allah will forgive (the sins) of the year after it, and the year before it.”

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: The best invocation is that of the Day of Arafat, and the best that anyone can say is what I and the Prophets before me have said:

Lā ‘ilāha ‘illallāhu

waḥdahu lā sharīka lahu,

lahul-mulku wa lahul-ḥamdu

wa huwa `alā kulli shay’in qadīr.

None has the right to be worshipped but Allah

Alone, Who has no partner.

His is the dominion and He is the praise,

and He can do all things.

the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “The best dua is dua on the day of Arafa” as Allah accept the prayers of Muslims and give them what they ask him for whether sooner or later.

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