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The Ustadhy website will talk about what’s the hijab, and what’s the importance of the hijab.

What is the hijab?

The hijab doesn’t mean, restricting the woman from her freedom, Islam anchorage the woman to become more mature and successful in her business and life by wearing the scarf.

Hijab doesn’t mean saving the head only, the hijab it’s meant to save the heart and the mind and eye, Islam must man and women see each other by lower gaze, and means save the tongue from talking ill and backbiting, hijab the hands from unlawful money, and saving from any physical contact with non-mahram.

The mahram means the person who can touch the women and vice versa, as dad, brothers, sisters, mother, uncles, aunties, breastfeeding sister or brother, wife, brother’s sins, sister’s sons, and husband.

Why is the hijab a duty for women?

The hijab is commanded from Allah for all Muslim women, the hijab protects the woman and makes her safe, Islam won’t appear her beauty for non-mahram, the hijab must be physically and mentally.

The hijab makes the women’s body, not for all people, only can control her body, by covering it to other people and can appear her hair and arms and her legs to her father, brother, uncle and appear any part of the body to her husband.

The hijab makes the men when dealing with the women who wear hijab deal with their minds not deal with their needs and desire.

For if the girl won’t veil herself, then her hair ought to be interrupted, however, if it’s sleek for a lady to possess her hair interrupt or to be smooth-shaven, she ought to wear a veil, for a person ought to not have his head veiled since he’s the image and reflection of God, however, the girl may be a reflection of man.

Indeed, the person isn’t made of a lady, but the girl from a person. Neither was man created for the sake of lady, however lady for the sake of man.

For this reason, a lady has to be compelled to have a logo of authority on her head. (1 Corinthians 11: 6-10)

The shape of the hijab in Islam:

The woman should cover all her body except her hands until the rest and face including her neck and hair, also the feet should be covered.

The clothes should be loose, don’t draw her body, and not make attention to others.

The men should be covered the upper part of the body and cover the lower until the knee, forbidden to wear gold, and pure silk.

The hijab is not oppression to women and not inferiority to men for her, and does not restrict her freedom from education and any business, not Haram and the other social.

The different types of hijab:

1- Abaya with khimar.

2- Jilbab means khimar which covers the whole body in one piece from the head to the feet.

3- Niqab.

What is the Niqab and is this duty to women?

The meaning of Niqab is to cover the whole body only, it covers the face and the hand also.

The Niqab isn’t any obligation on the Muslim women, it’s just for who wants to wear it.

The prophet Muhammad’s PBUH wives wore the Niqab, it’s not duty or obligation, but some girls and women want to wear that to be similar to the Prophet’s wives.

When are the girls wearing the hijab?

The girls should be wearing the hijab when they become puberty, the parents must talk about the hijab and its types with their daughter before the time of maturity, and the hijab don’t wear it all the time but we can release it with mahram as we talked about this before

Evidence for mentioning the hijab in the Qur’an:

Somewhere says there isn’t any evidence for The hijab in the Quran, but that is not right. Allah mentioned the hijab in the Quran in Surah Al Muminoon in verse 31, and in Surah Al Ahzab in verse 59.

Characteristics of veils women Muslims:

-Must cover her head and neck.

– her clothes are very loose.

– try to lower her voice.

– the hands and face only appear.

– see by lower gaze to other

– clothes do not make others pay attention to others.

Is there a special type of scarf?

No, the scarves have many types as cotton scarves, silk scarves, chiffon scarves, crepe scarves, and have a different shapes as square scarf, rectangle scarf, and khimar, this covers the upper part of the body, not head and neck only.


The Ustadhy website obtained the importance of hijab in Islam, why Allah command it on Muslim women, and how the hijab protects her, and the hijab must be physically and mentally.

Learn the meaning of hijab to the daughters and his principles, and how to deal with the mahram.

Finally, when Allah commands anything, we must be sure this is for us. because Allah knows and we don’t know.

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